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2008 Junior Olympic National Qualifiers
Congrats to Katie Finck (Hammer/Discus), Krystle Howard
Emily Keene (Hammer), Megan Rust (Javelin), Tim Kubiak
(Shot), Mark Passine (Hammer), Taylor Barton (Hammer) and Hayley (Shot) on
qualifying for the Junior Nationals.  Good luck to all of you.  
Also, a special congrats goes out to Katie Finck and Taylor Barton in the Young
Women and Inermediate Girls divisions on setting the region 7 Hammer records.
L.I.F.T. is gaining recognition everyday by facilitating a diverse range of throwing levels in the
surrounding communities.  We currently have discus, shot put and hammer throwers
competing at the junior high, high school and collegiate levels.  They come from Hebron,
Bremen, Morgan Township, Portage, Washington Township, South Central and Boone Grove.

Our main focuses during training are technique and conditioning.  Technique is the biggest
factor in any thrower's limitations.  We strive to teach and emphasize proper technique for
every thrower before, during and after their time in the ring.  Conditioning is also a vital part of
our athlete's training.  The correct type of conditioning allows our kids to do what they love
comfortably and safely.  These focuses have helped Carl raise his dedicated throwers to the
levels they needed to achieve various personal goals, which have included competing at the
collegiate level.

The list of throwers and accolades will continue to grow with L.I.F.T. where the sky is the limit.  
We plan on maintaining supplemental programs for the school season and summer programs
that the kids can count on during the summer months.  Carl stated, "I am not here for these
kids just when they are in the circle,  as a team we love to keep it fun with different trips and
activities."  To be a champion is what all of our kids want.  What we want, is for them to be the
very best they can be by doing it the right way and having fun.
Carl Patz
L.I.F.T. Sponsors
Thanks to all who help get the team to Nationals